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West Virginia is one of the more liberal states in the US when it comes to wagering, but it wasn’t always that way. Sports betting is legal offline and online, making it possible for sportsbooks to set up shop no matter where they would like to get started. There are several in-person establishments, but there are currently no West Virginian sportsbooks to choose from if interested in wagering online. West Virginia Sports Betting is expected to expand over time since it’s legal for the citizens to enjoy. Online sports betting is fully supported, but there’s still a wait for sportsbooks to start offering their services to interested players.

West Virginia Online Sports Betting: Quick Overview 2020

Online sports betting became legal to do in West Virginia shortly after PASPA was overturned by the Supreme Court. This made West Virginia the third state out of the country to offer these services to its citizens, but that doesn’t mean that gamblers could start placing sports bets. There was a single mobile application open for a time, but it closed down and no other sports betting apps or online sites have become available just yet to fill the void. Gamblers that enjoy online wagering still have to wait in order to participate.

Introduction into West Virginia’s Gambling Industry

West Virginia has a long and interesting history of gambling that all started with racing Greyhounds in the 1800s. Gambling in WV wasn’t always as accepted there as it is today though. West Virginia sports betting law only really allowed for horse and dog racing up until 2018. Instead, the state focused on slot machines, video poker, and standard poker as forms of gambling that the citizens could enjoy. It wasn’t until after PASPA was overturned that betting at a sportsbook in West Virginia for anything other than races became a thing to do. Gambling has been in and out of political favor in the state. Sports betting was not permissible for more than 70 years until the 1930s when the government decided to make it legal again to capture more revenue. It’s been legal in one form or another and expanded upon since then.

Landbased Sports Betting Legal Situation

Sports betting is live and well throughout West Virginia today, and can be enjoyed in one of many different sports and racebooks throughout the state. Below is an overview of the physical locations available, but most of them offer some form of slot machines while also offering race betting. Since 2018 many of these sportsbook locations are offering traditional sports betting on different popular sporting events as well. West Virginia sports betting law has always been favorable towards greyhound racing, and that can be enjoyed at several locations throughout the state. Gamblers that really enjoy sports wagering in person have lots of options to work with throughout West Virginia that they can enjoy.

  • The Greenbrier Casino Club – A full casino with Simulcast race wagering.
  • Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races – A full casino, a powerful race track and a full William-Hill sportsbook are all at this location.
  • Mardi Gras Casino – The home one of the last live greyhound race tracks in the country as well as a full casino.
  • Mountaineer Casino – A live horse racing venue with a full casino on site.
  • Wheeling Island Racetrack – One of just 16 live greyhound race tracks across the country. Also home to casino games.

Online Sports Betting Legal Situation

Since 2018 Online sports betting in West Virginia has been legal according to the state’s betting law. That’s why it’s a bit confusing that there aren’t any establishments to play at currently. This is because of legal issues the first platform had with the state and problems with regulations. The other casinos and sportsbooks are working closely with the government to try to figure out how to offer their services to residents of the state effectively. The moment that these organizations figure out how to make sports betting work properly alongside the state government it will become available to residents and they can start placing sports bets confidently. The state is already very forgiving of players that use overseas casinos for online wagering, and it’s pushing toward online sports betting for everyone that’s old enough to enjoy it in the state. There is no West Virginia sports betting app at the moment but that is likely to change very soon.

Mobile Sports Betting Gambling Situation

West Virginia sports betting law makes mobile wagering throughout the state legal at the moment. With so many residents allowed to take part in West Virginia mobile sports betting it’s surprising that there aren’t any offerings currently. Gamblers should keep their eyes open for new options as they make their way to the market. There is a program with William Hill that’s supposed to start offering mobile wagering to the residents of West Virginia. Between involvement with William Hill and several other large companies, it will soon be easy to wager on a smartphone from anywhere within the state. This can already be done for fantasy sports, but not for standard sports betting just yet. Gamblers that like sports betting and would prefer being able to do it from home will be happy to hear that these options will be coming soon and that they will be able to enjoy high-quality sports wagering soon enough. Residents must wait for state-run options due to the Wire Act and its restrictions on wagering on platforms from other states or countries.

Online Sports Betting Operator Licensing Process

In order to join in with West Virginia sports betting and to unlock some of that West Virginia sports betting revenue, sportsbooks must go through different licensing requirements to get started. They must pay a pretty modest fee of around $100,000 to get started, but will be expected to pay a high tax amount to keep running over time. Each of the different sportsbooks must work with the state’s agencies to make sure they are compliant and fair to play at. The three sportsbook providers listed below already have a license to do business in West Virginia. These providers will be working with the likes of IGT and GeoComply to handle payment processing as well as geolocation requirements for online gamblers around the state. The licensing process in West Virginia is more forgiving than in many other states, but the West Virginia sports betting law is still protective enough to keep gamblers safe and to help ensure that sportsbooks are reliable.

  • FanDuel
  • William Hill
  • DraftKings

West Virginia Online Sportsbook List 2020

History of Gambling in West Virginia

The history of sports betting throughout West Virginia has led to the many different West Virginia sports betting locations and a favorable attitude toward wagering throughout much of the state. Gambling started off as early as the 1800s with greyhound and horse racing. These activities were loved by the population and were the main focus in terms of betting for many years. It wasn’t until 1863 when gambling was no longer legal that things changed for the state. Even after wagering was no longer legal there was a large portion of the population still involved with sports betting. The races were still legal, it’s just that Greyhound and horse betting on them no longer was. That meant that most gamblers just placed wagers on these activities under the table. For around 70 years sports betting remained not permitted until it was finally approved once again to generate West Virginia sports betting revenue that was being lost to unlicensed wagering throughout the state. Race betting was the only form of wagering until the 1980’s when poker became popular. High-stakes poker wagering started off not being allowed, but the state made poker and slots both legal to cash in on that revenue and take control away from the mob-run events. It wasn’t until 2018 that other forms of sports betting became legal, including online sports wagering. Today West Virginia is one of the most open and lenient states when it comes to sports betting, making it a good place to call home for gamblers. West Virginia is an important state for greyhound bet and racing with a long history in the sport. It’s also home to 2 of the 16 live greyhound race tracks from around the country.

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no. While online gambling in West Virginia is legal, there currently aren’t any sites to wager on. When some sites become available online sports betting will be possible throughout the state.

There are 1 different West Virginia sports betting sites to play at today. Gamblers can access one of these different sites to place their wagers.

It’s impossible to say which of the different sites is best out of all the options. Each site excels in some way, and gamblers should get to know the offerings better to decide on the option that’s best for them.

It became possible in 2018 after PASPA was overturned by the Supreme Court.

It became available in 2018 after PASPA was overturned.

At any online establishment that offers mobile wagering across the state.

The state electronics’ regulatory agency watches over sports betting in the state, while there is a standard Gaming Agency in West Virginia that handles licensing, taxes and everything else. These agencies work together to keep online wagering safe for residents.

Responsible Online Gambling

Gambling addiction can be a real problem for some people, which is why responsible gambling is such an important concept. Players have access to useful resources that can help them avoid spending too much on wagering and to help them get out of issues caused by problem gambling. Players can call the Problem Gamblers Help Network of West Virginia to try and get help, or they can work with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. If those two resources aren’t enough there is also a National Problem Gambling Helpline available for players to call in to to ask for help. The state makes it possible for gamblers to prevent themselves from gambling at the different locations around the state voluntarily, making it easier for gamblers to resist the urge to wager.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): Win with Expertise

Daily Fantasy sports are fully legal in the state of West Virginia and they offer sports betting enthusiasts a different way to place wagers on those events. With daily fantasy sports gamblers build up teams of players that they bring together from all over the sport and that team needs to perform better than all the other teams that have been built by players. A team made up of high-performance players will unlock the highest number of points, which causes the team owner to win. Choosing the right team can mean unlocking huge prize pools of money and winning big with Daily Fantasy Sports at sites like DraftKings or FanDuels. If you would like to learn more about daily fantasy sports, or try them out for yourself, select the graphic below and try them out.

Social Casinos: If you want to play, but not for real

For West Virginia gamblers that don’t want to risk real money, social casinos are an excellent asset. These casinos allow players to wager pretend money that’s given to them when joining. This money balance is tracked closely and winning players can win more and more and build up a balance to play more accomplished players or to test out different games. Social casinos are a chance to try out different betting techniques and to make new friends while getting to know the different wagering features at the same time. Gamblers that want to save their money can enjoy the different benefits that a social casino has to offer.

Gambling Guide

Permitted / Offered? Notes & Restrictions
Land-Based Casinos Yes Available at locations around WV
Online Gambling Yes Not many sites up and running just yet.
Sports Betting Yes
Lottery Yes very popular in Rhode Island
Daily Fantasy Sports Yes legalized online before sports betting was
House Gambling Yes no laws specifically against this
Minimum Gambling Age 18 – 21 with slots and casinos having a minimum age of 21



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