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Casinos In West Virginia: Quick Overview 2020

When most people think of West Virginia, they don’t necessarily think of the West Virginia casino industry. But the West Virginia gambling industry is a surprisingly robust one, which is continuing to grow thanks to legislation that is passing to make it better and better for bettors on a regular basis. In this guide to casinos in West Virginia, find out more about the land-based and online wagering options that exist for people throughout this state and the different ways that they can get involved in placing their bets, along with the history of the betting industries throughout West Virginia and how they have evolved.

  • Land-based casino play legal
  • Online gaming set to come in 2021
  • Poker, sports betting, horse races available for betting also

Land-based casinos in West Virginia 2020

Right now, the West Virginia casino industry consists of seven brick and mortar casino locations to choose from. The West Virginia casino map does a pretty nice job of covering most of the state, with seven gambling locations covering one of the smallest states in terms of its surface area of the 50 states in America. The casino industry got off the ground in WV in 1994, when it was made legal for there to be online slots at the state’s racetrack locations. That was originally done as a move to increase traffic to the racetracks, but was expanded afterwards to include slots at bars. Since that point, table games have been added into the mix, giving a more diverse set of betting choices to those who want to take part in them.

One of the major positives that has stemmed from the growth of the physical casino industry in West Virginia is the fact that there are several new resort and hotel and casino combinations out there for players. Going to a casino is no longer a one night event, thanks to the fact that these new and existing resort or hotel casino combos are available for players who want to make a weekend out of a resort and new hotel stay and casino visit, with many of these resort or new hotel casino options existing in locations with other dining and nightlife options to be had. As a result, the legal land-based casino options throughout this state serve as something of an economic driver for the communities in which they are located.

Casinos in West VirginiaCasinos in West Virginia

Are there legal online casinos in West Virginia? We have the answer!

Online casinos in West Virginia 2020

The West Virginia online casino industry is something that is in the works, but not something that has fully taken off yet. West Virginia online gambling was made legal in March of 2019 through House Bill 2934. As a result of that legislation, West Virginia casino locations will be able to provide licenses to online operators to allow for slots and table games to be enjoyed throughout the state by anyone who is currently located there.

As of right now, though, there are no active online operators in the state of West Virginia when it comes to online gambling from a casino point of view. At this point, it looks like online casinos will not come to the state in full until 2021 at the earliest, although that launch date could change depending on a number of factors. For now, players who want to enjoy their casino gaming online are stuck playing a waiting game and are required to go to the land-based casinos while they wait.

On the bright side, bettors in West Virginia can look toward the online gambling in PA and get excited about how well it has gone in a short period of time. Pennsylvania has only had online casinos available since 2017, and has already attracted some of the biggest online casino brands in the world to operate there. If West Virginia can replicate that situation for themselves, they should be able to make up for lost time quickly and effectively.

Mobile online casinos in West Virginia 2020

West Virginia online casino gaming not being up and running yet also means that the ability to play on mobile devices also isn’t quite ready yet. West Virginia online gambling is thought to be launching in 2021 when operators are able to get licensed and get started, and it is likely that mobile casino betting will take a similar path. As usual, the availability of online casino play in West Virginia will depend on the mobile gaming availability that comes from the casino operators themselves. But if West Virginia can provide high-quality casino brands to their players, they should be able to land some top-tier mobile casino gaming as well.

This is another case where it does not hurt to look at the mobile casino sites that are available in Pennsylvania. In their first three years, the commonwealth was able to get online and mobile casino play from the likes of brands like 888 Casino that are leaders in the industry. This should show nearby West Virginia that it can be done.

West Virginia online casino list: Legal casinos in 2020

Gambling in West Virginia: A journey into the past

The history of gambling in West Virginia dates back further than the gambling history of most states, even many of those that were established far before West Virginia was. Gambling in West Virginia got started in the 1930s, with betting on horse races being made legal at racetrack facilities all the way back in 1931. After the racetrack developments, more progress was made in the 1980s, as bingo and the West Virginia lottery both being introduced during that decade. More progress followed in the 1990s, as 1994 saw slot machines become legal at the state’s various racetracks. Not long after, slots were also allowed to be operated at bars as long as the name of the bar wasn’t anything related to gaming.

While it took quite some time, table games were eventually added into the mix in West Virginia in 2008. At that time, casino bettors were finally able to enjoy a full casino experience unlike what had been available to them previously. Finally, sports betting made its way to the state with the legalization of that industry coming in 2019. This was accompanied by the legalization of online casino and poker action. And the history of gambling in West Virginia is still being written, thanks to the fact that online sportsbook, casino, and poker options are all coming to the state in the near future and could very well expand once they are initially introduced.

As a whole, the history of West Virginia gambling is exciting not just because it dates back further than most states, but also because it looks further from being complete than many states that have already gone through their latest rounds of legalization and expansion.

West Virginia gambling guide

Thanks to the rich history of betting in West Virginia, bettors have no shortage of choices when they go to place wagers throughout the state. To illustrate that, here is a look at the different types of betting that is possible throughout WV along with the legal status of the popular wagering disciplines that exist.

Betting type Legal status
Land-based casinos Legal
Online gambling Sports, casino, and poker
Sports betting Legal online and in person
Lottery Legal online and offline, no online providers
Daily fantasy sports Legal
Minimum gambling age 18 for lotto, bingo and racing. 21 elsewhere

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FAQ: Often asked and answered here

Is gambling legal in West Virginia?

Gambling is indeed legal in West Virginia. It has been legal in some form since 1931, when horse racing betting was introduced. Since then, slots and table games have been made legal, as have sports betting and poker options. Soon, online wagering will also be a part of the picture for those who are interested in them.

Can I gamble online in West Virginia?

Online gambling is going to be an option in West Virginia, as it was made legal in March of 2019. However, it is not currently available for players to take part in yet. It is expected that online casino and poker play will start up in 2021 at the earliest, although that could vary depending on the licensing process.

When did online gambling become legal in West Virginia?

Online gambling became legal in West Virginia in March of 2019. However, no bets have been placed online as of yet in the state. That is because online casino operators haven’t completed the licensing process yet. That is expected to be completed around 2021 so that bettors can start placing their bets at that time.

Can I bet on mobile in West Virginia?

As of right now, mobile betting is not something that bettors can do in the state of West Virginia. That is because, like online betting, it has only recently been approved. Bettors will have to wait for online operators to start working in the state in order for the mobile betting to get underway. That is also something that is set for 2021.

What is the West Virginia gambling age?

The West Virginia casino age currently stands at 21 years old. There are some forms of betting that are allowed at age 18, with lottery, bingo and betting on horse races being allowed before age 21. But the main forms of betting in the state are reserved for those who live in or visit WV and are 21 and over, which is similar to the laws in other nearby states.

What can I bet on besides casino games?

Aside from casino games, bettors who visit West Virginia are able to take to the poker tables to play poker. They are able to able to head to the sportsbook to wager on sports and the racebook to bet on horse races. Daily fantasy sports, lottery and bingo are also options for bettors in West Virginia, with new online casino, sports betting, and poker options set to come to the state in 2021.

Who is responsible for regulating West Virginia online gambling?

The West Virginia Lottery Commission is what regulates online gambling as well as the other forms of gambling that exist throughout West Virginia. Bettors are unable to place online bets yet, but that will be the commission that oversees the licensing and regulation of any sites that offer the in the future of wagering in West Virginia.

It sounds silly, given that betting was made legal in its first form in the state in the 1930s, but West Virginia has been getting with the time in recent years with regard to its overall gambling options. Bettors have the opportunity to place bets in casinos with casino games, poker, and sports betting. And soon, bettors will have the ability to take on those same industries online thanks to legislation that was passed in 2019. Don’t miss out on your chance to get in on the fun. Get your bonus today and get started on your casino journey in West Virginia.

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